How is Christian Insurance: Benefits of it

 How is Christian Insurance: Benefits of it

You might be wondering how to measure Christian insurance and what it really means by Christian insurance.

It’s certain that Christ insurance is going to be lost to those who didn’t hold fast.

Hencewith, consciousness of prayer is the key to dwell in the Christian insurance. How is christian insurance: benefits of it? Bring about the good life in Christ for you.

The reason is that Christ died for us so that we can live in glorious life. When you study the death and the resurrection of Christ, you find out that He rose from the death.

The insurance in Christ is the benefit of everything you will ever think about. He has told us to know how eternal life is given to us.

Thus you would know insurance in Christ is the protection and guidance in His strength against any adversary.

There is nothing to worry about, just as you pay insurance company in case if there is death.

Christ is the guide for you when you give your all to him. He brings you into the power and glory to overwhelm every possible attack.


How much does Christian insurance is the protection against your salvation? When you are in Christ Jesus and stop believing what He has done, you will lost the insurance to the devil.

Until you lost your salvation, the insurance in you will not be healthy to you. This is the reason: how christian insurance: benefits of it work for good?

Thus, the reliability to manifest the goodness of God in you will not be valid. There are some nuggets and strata in Christ that you need to follow:

1. Insurance in Christ is the gift of life

The insurance in Christ Jesus is when you abstain from sin. And you receive him as your Lord and personal savior.

This is the insurance you have that any disaster happening on earth will not catch you unnoticed. Christ who is the end from the beginning knows the disaster of the world.

When you are in Christ, the reality of life is told to you in His revelation when you seek. The process of insurance is in Christ Jesus who gives life to the sick.

You don’t need to pay for it, the day you receive him you have paid for everything patterning to life and godliness.

How much does Christian insurance? It’s the benefits in Christ that you enjoy when you have not lost your salvation.

As you know, the process of losing salvation is the loss of insurance. So, the glory of God is the certainty of the power of the glory of God to strife in life.


If you want to be steadfast of your insurance in Christ, there are nuggets that are quiet electrifying:

  • Receive Christ as your personal savior

  • Insurance in Christ is knowing him personally

  • Be a partner in the house of God

  • Sow in the house of God

  • Allow yourself to be used by God

  • Praise God always, this is the fountain

  • Believe He can do it for you

  • Christ is the living sacrifice

  • He dies for your insurance

2. Christ protects you from danger

When you have not aligned in Christ, the insurance will not come in His glory. When Christ’s insurance is not in you, the dominion of the kingdom of darkness comes to shatter you down.

While Christ is working to guide and protect you, the power and gift wax strong in you. This is the gain of the Christian insurance in you.

The danger that comes without Christ’s insurance is the danger of dissuade yourself from the house of God.

As you continue to prove Christ’s dominance, you are supposed to be working in progress. This is the alignment in Christ Jesus.

If you have Christ in you, the loss of insurance naturally fade away. Since Christ’s insurance is the force in you if you are aligned, success definitely work for you. Anywhere you go, Christ is there for you; the process of insurance is quick to recover when you lost it.


In this regard, the potent force of Christ is the capacity and ability to push you beyond the conversational. Most Christians thought that, as you were joined heir with Christ everything works for you. Until you play a significant part, the glory in Christ will diminish.

So, the manifesting presence of God dwells with you when you acknowledge with faith He is the doer. 

As you choose to follow some of the plan and doctrines in Christ Jesus that are mentioned below, you will grow.

With the kind structure of the insurance in Christ, you will be led to follow this:

  • Wisdom is profitable to direct

  • Prayer reminds God of your need

  • His word comfort you

  • Danger is beneath you

  • You are an overcomer

  • Insurance is free without money

  • He has paid for it

  • He is the giver of wealth and riches

  • Allow God to direct you

3. The adversary is destroyed

The moment you stop worshipping the Lord, the insurance in you for success is lost. Once the strategies of the Lord are broken, your insurance is not sure.

The christian insurance benefits talks about the inheritance in believe that Christ is the author and finisher. The mission to succeed will have challenges up and down nevertheless, He is there for you.

So, Christ who is the doer will always come to your rescue when you are loyal. God still need your loyalty if you must progress to the next level. From the day you lost the grip of knowing the Lord as you should have, you will fail.

Adversary is the element that you need to know for your insurance to be aligned in Christ.

Since the day you believe that Christ is the Lord, you are enveloped with the blood of Jesus Christ. No weapon formed against you shall prosper. Every tongue that raises against you will fade away.


One of the strata to win the war of insurance in Christ is believing; showing you that He is the king of kings.

The christian insurance benefits respond to those who go for it. When you are in Christ, the shackle plan of the adversary destroys automatic without knowing it. The strategies of Christ put in place are below to boost your faith:

  • His promise never slide down

  • The adversary cannot  subdue you

  • Your vision is lifted up

  • Strength is given for task

  • Knowledge is activated and cultivated

  • Increase in the skill of life

  • Riches comes to you

4. Eternal life is guarantee

As you know, when you have eternal life, you are sharing the same life with God. This is the insurance that everything on earth whether poor or rich is achieved in Christ Jesus.

Obviously, you become obedient in the strategy of the insurance process as a Christian. No doubt about that because of Christ is the power of righteousness

Many would think that when they have eternal life, they don’t die. This is not true, you have the spirit that will not die but the body dies. The body no matter how we talk about it, must die, this is why Christ died for us.

The beauty of eternal life is the same spirit of God in you. You live a spiritual life in heaven when you are dead.

Saying eternal life is without death, it’s not truth. But you have the same life with God. As you know, God is a spirit and anyone who worships him will do it in spirit too. Many have thought this to be a different thing altogether.


The life you have when you receive Christ is eternal life. Should you don’t know, Christ died for you to have this eternal life?

When the christian insurance benefits come in you, changes beyond natural open up. Some nuggets mentioned below will give you more insight to what is eternal life:

  • Your life is in the hand of God

  • He takes care of you

  • You receive His inheritance in Christ Jesus

  • He assembles everything that you need

  • He guides you against the power of the enemy

  • You are translated from darkness to light

  • Your revelation is changed.

5. It builds a healthy free life

How much does Christian insurance? It will depend on individual’s state of worshiping God!

When you lost the glory that He has given you, the result will show in the future time. Once you acknowledge the truth that He is the Lord, every adversary goes down.

When you function in this, you manifest His presence in anything you do. From the very time you utilize the insurance in you, free health care is given you spiritually.

Everything that was difficult before restrict to operate in the former pathway. This is the reason Christ died for us.

Looking straight in the glory gives you a healthy life to build your destiny. The assumption that you are not favored will be seen in a different ways.

Christian builds their life in this: the christian insurance benefits. To build a good health in Christ is knowing the word and his resurrection power.


When you know all this, the manifesting presence of the Lord will dwell to accommodate His goodness in you.

Living a healthy life is the power of the grace of God in you. The divinity of eternal life comes to stay in you.

Most time, you think when you see things negatively happening, you say there is no God in you. 

You have the power of God in you, that is why sometime, you have some challenges that will give you chance to know more.

The important things to know are stated below, this will put you to work and know that God is everything. He cannot live you or forsake you when you follow these nuggets:

  • He builds your strength

  • Health in Christ must be challenged

  • Nothing works without trials

  • Believe and stay in the Lord

  • You are an overcomer



Christian insurance is seen when you recognize God in everything you do. When you work in this understanding, the pattern of Christ’s health comes to you permanently.

The function of the insurance in you is the divinity of Christ in you. This is why, when you are transformed, you are not bordered about the former life. The living grace will always work as you put Christ first.

The Christian insurance is the beginning and the way to know you are blessed in Him.

Once you come to realize this, His power and wisdom will begin to work in harmony in you. The good news is that, He is your insurance when you believe.

He monitors everything you intend to do in the right proposition. This will continue until you are established in His presence.

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